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yourdelirium's Journal

30 September
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She's a Lebanese irish candy girl thats held together with 1 piercing, 0 tattoo's and 6 scarification. mizz perfectionist "everything has to be perfect" fussy with this and fussy with that. has her loves, hates and fears . Can be shy or loud depends on the crowd. certain things don't affect her but most things makes her laugh she finds it hard to trust. loves her nearest and dearest and can get jealous and paranoid. some things pieeves her off and makes her STOMP STOMP STOMP in her STOMPY big boots like it or not, this is me So in a short summary of what i am: I am a DREAMER I am a LOVER I am a FRIEND I am a CAT GIRL I am THE GIRL YOU SEE DANCING TO THE MUSIC AT A ROCK OPERA!