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The Time had Come, The Walrus Said, To Speak of Many Things... 
27th-Feb-2009 11:34 am
...of why the sea is boiling hot....and of cabbages and kings...

I really haven't had much to talk about, so I haven't really posted in this journal in awhile. I am extremely tired lately and I am getting sicker and sicker. I hate my immune system. So from this sickness I can not sleep at night, so I am running around on very little amount of sleep. It makes for interesting stories. There is going to be an awesome party at Devvi's this weekend. I am excited because Mike is going to go with me. We have a party to go to first. It is for Ayyam-i-ha. I feel like I should get him something for Ayyam-i-ha. Anyway, after Ayyam-i-ha is over, mike will go on a fast for nineteen days, i think. Anyway, to be supportive of him and his religion, I will go on the fast with him. Aka I will not eat or drink during light hours.

I changed the settings on this journal so that people can leave comments, even if they dont have a LJ. I do not understand why it was set to that.

I hope ths weekend goes well...I want a good weekend...
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